The renovation has started! Since the year started we’ve been getting up early every weekend day to go to the boat. Our ‘Orca’ is in desperate need of some love and attention! This boat is the floating equivalent of a looooot of work. And so there we were: spending time subtracting the old carpet from the steel walls, removing glue, sanding walls (and more sanding, more sanding…) en breaking down parts of the interior. Obviously things we didn’t count on keep happening: rotten wood appears where we didn’t even know there was wood, and unknown pipes just stick out of the floor.

Fortunately we’re up to the first activities of reconstruction: our friend Liesbeth helped us to paint our bedroom-to-be last weekend. From dark brown to bright white – big difference!

In the weeks to come you can find our progress here, and of course some ‘before and after’ pictures. See you!