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The Dutch have a saying that says as much as “buy a boat, work never ends”. Our friends have been telling us this for months, and we’re afraid they’re kinda right… Ever since the year started we’ve been on the boat on the weekend. Some days are smooth and easy, some never seem to end. When we think we’re almost done, we pull away some wood and everything turns out to be mouldy and rotten. And the underwater part of the ship, after sanding it, turns out it needs many more layers of paint.

Thanksfully it starts to look like a nice boat. We started with mouldy mahogany and by now we’re in the bright white stage. Our Orca is becoming a modern and fresh boat! Satisfying it is. Also, the weather is getting much better. The rays of sun make our day brighter, both literally and figuratively. We can strip out of a few layers of clothing (well – coming down from 4 to 1!).

The blog here isn’t very active, as we’re going to write for a Dutch national newspaper. We’ll try to put some updates online every now and again though.┬áPlease be in touch if you’d like to learn more!