Location independent work

Experiencing freedom is one of the most important benefits of location independent working. And it’s beneficial for companies who hire us, too! Pieter and Femke are always at the office, given that there are no appointments for meetings they can start working right away. The only thing needed is a laptop and internet – and those are always available. The advantages listed:

–        Living and working where we are most productive (Stanford also says so!)
–        No unnecessary meetings
–        And inspiring and ever-changing office environment
–        No distractions in the office, or from co-workers
–        Early adapting to the future: in which remote work is normal.


What we can do for you:


Working was our first priority when we decided to float through Europe. We want to keep ourselves up-to-speed and challenged.

With Align, we help clients with their marketing and communications. From strategy to exectution: we are here to help. In the day-to-day routine this means Pieter is working on marketing strategies and online marketing (SEO & SEA) and Femke is involved in storytelling, PR, blogging and much more.

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A personal mission we have for Europe, is related to education for gifted children throughout Europe.Extremely and profoundly gifted individuals are rare in our society. We founded organization Talentissimo, which is the European Platform for the Extremely and Highly Gifted. We aim to connect extremely gifted individuals, their parents and professionals living in Europe. Every country in the European Union has developed its own vision on education and how to cope with (extremely & profoundly) gifted childeren. Tallentissimo is a platform where people throughout Europe can connect,  share knowledge, best practices and experiences. This way we improve the way Europe supports extremely gifted individuals in creating a meaningful and happy life.

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